Initial termporary non-working residence visas

Initial temporary non-working residence visas

This is a permit that foreign nationals must apply for in their country of origin and which will allow them to reside in Spain without engaging in whatsoever lucrative professional activity.


  1. Persons who are neither citizens of a country in the European Union (EU) or party to the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement or Switzerland, and are not family members of a citizen of any of those countries wherein the regime of EU citizenship is applicable.
  2. Persons whose status as resident in Spanish territory is legal.
  3. Persons who do not have a criminal record either in Spain or in the countries in which they have previously been resident for any crimes recognised by the Spanish legal system.
  4. Persons who have not been prohibited from entering Spain and have not been listed as unwelcome within the territories of countries with which Spain is signatory to an agreement in this sense.
  5. Persons with sufficient financial means to pay for both their stay and their return journey, along with that of accompanying family members, should such be the case, said means being:
  • For their own sustenance, on a monthly basis, 400% of the IPREM (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income), amounting tothe sum of 2,130.04 Euros.
  • For the sustenance of each and every one of the accompanying family members, 100% of IPREM, amounting to the sum of 532.51 Euros.7. Persons that are not suffering from any illness that might have serious percussions on public health, pursuant to the International Health Regulations (2005). PMF Advocats will provide you with an updated list of the documents that you will have to present. You can acquire this list by calling 972 22 04 75 or by sending an email to: - Legal standing for submission of the Temporary Residence application:the applicant in person. If under legal age, his/her parents, guardians or duly accredited representative, in person.- Fees:Payment of the fees is due as soon as the application has been admitted for processing and will have to be paid within ten working days:
  • - Place of Submission:The Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office for the area in which the foreigner resides.
  • Procedure:
  • Documentation Required:
  • 8. Persons who, should such be the case, are presently not under an obligation not to return to Spain, assumed thereby following a voluntary return to their country of origin.
  • 6. Persons who have health cover provided either by the Social Security or by means of some kind of private health care insurance.
  • Fee for issuing the visa
  • Fee for authorising residence: Form 790 code 052Should it be the case that a residence visa is conceded, the foreign national will have one month, following notification thereof, to collect the visa in person. Should they not do so, it will be understood that they have renounced the concession of the visa and consequently the procedure will be filed.The duration of the Initial Temporary Residence Permit will be one year, and will come into force on the date of the foreign national’s arrival in Spain. The official Foreigner Identity Card application form (EX–17) available from:- The receipt for payment of the Card Fee of 21.02 Euros. 
  • - Three recent, colour, passport photographs taken against a white background.
  • During fingerprinting applicants, as proof of their identity, will have to show their passport, travel document or registration certificate, and must also provide:
  • Within one month after entering Spain, foreign nationals will have to apply, in person, for their Foreigner Identity Card from the Immigration Office or the Central Police Station of the province in which the permit has been processed. Consult the following page for information on where to go, opening hours and whether or not it will be necessary to make a prior appointment:
  • Once the visa has been collected the applicantwill have to arrive in Spain within the period in which the visa is valid. This period must not exceed three months.
  • - Time Limit for reaching a Decision:Notification of the decision must be made within three months, taken from the day following the date on which the application is entered in the registry of the competent body for processing. Should this term elapse, without notification having been received from the Administration, it shall be understood that the application has been rejected, on the basis of negative administrative silence.