Temporary social integration residence permit.

Temporary Social IntegrationResidence Permit

This is a Temporary Residence Permit that may be conceded in exceptional circumstances to foreign nationals in Spain that either have family links to Spain or have become socially integrated.


  1. Persons who are neither citizens of a country in the European Union (EU) or party to the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement or Switzerland, and are not family members of a citizen of any of those countries wherein the regime of EU citizenship is applicable.
  2. Persons who do not have a criminal record either in Spain or in the countries in which they have previously been resident for any crimes recognised by the Spanish legal system.
  3. Persons who have not been prohibited from entering Spain and have not been listed as unwelcome within the territories of countries with which Spain is signatory to an agreement in this sense.
  4. Persons who, should such be the case, are presently not under any obligation not to return to Spain, assumed thereby following a voluntary return to their country of origin.
  5. Persons that have remained in Spain on an uninterrupted basis for at least three years. In order for this requirement to be met total absences from Spain during this period may not have been for more than 120 days.
  6. Persons with family links (spouse or civil partner, direct line ascendants or descendants of the first degree) with other foreign nationals resident in Spain or with Spaniards, or by presenting a report that validates their social integration, issued by the Autonomous Community (or the Town/City Council should such have been authorised so to do by the Autonomous Community), in the territory in which the person is habitually domiciled.

Should it be the case that the said report not have been issued within the term of thirty days, a circumstance that will have to be duly validated by the interested party, this requirement may be justified by whatsoever means of proof admitted by Spanish law.

  1. Persons in possession of an employmentcontract, signed by both the worker and the employer, with an extension of no less than one year. The company or employer will have to be registered in the Spanish Social Security system and must be up to date with their tax and Social Security contribution obligations.
  2. The company will also have to guarantee continuous activity and dispose of the economic and material means and the personnel to meet and comply with their business project and the obligations arising from the said contract.

In the case of individual employers they must, after discounting the agreed salary or wage, be able to accredit the following:

  • 100% of IPREM (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income), where no responsibility exists for other family members (532.51 Euros a month).
  • Should the family unit include two members 200% of IPREM (1,065.02 Euros).Should the family unit include more than two people then it will be necessary to add to the above 50% of IPREM for each additional member (1,065.02+266.26 Euros).Moreover, the submission of various contractsrelated to a single occupation will also be admitted, where work is done simultaneously for more than one employer, all with a duration of at least one year, the total of which will have to represent overall weekly employment of no less than 30 hours. PMF Advocats will provide you with an updated list of the documents that you will have to present. You can acquire this list by calling 972 22 04 75 or by sending an email to: - Legal standing for submission of the application:the foreign national in person or in the case of minors or disabled persons, their legal representative.http://www.seap.minhap.gob.es/web/servicios/extranjeria/extranjeria_ddgg.html
  • - Temporary Exceptional Circumstances Residence PermitFees:Payment of fees is due on admission of the application for processing and will have to be paid within ten working days:
  • - Place of Submission: The Office of Immigration of the province in which the applicant resides. Information on the address, phone nos. and office hours can be consulted at:
  • Procedure:
  • paumaso@pmfadvocats.com
  • Required Documentation:
  • The presentation of such contracts may be exempted should it be the case that it can be validated that the persons has sufficient financial means, or that those means stem from work done on a self-employed basis, and always insofar as such be the recommendation of the social integration report issued by the Autonomous Community.
  • In the agricultural sector, two contracts may be submitted with different and linked employers, each with a minimum duration of six months.
  • Form 790, code 052 heading 2.5 “Temporary Exceptional Circumstances Residence Permit”: 37.15 Euros to be paid by the foreign national.http://www.seap.minhap.gob.es/es/web/servicios/tasas.htmlhttps://boe.es/tablon_edictal_unicoThe concession of this Residence Permit will include permission for the applicant to work, either in paid employment or self-employed, in Spain for the duration thereof, as long as the accredited livelihood derived thereby is from either paid employment or self-employment.Should it be the case that the financial means are not derived from the paid employment or self-employment, then the Permit will come into force as soon as it has been conceded.http://www.seap.minhap.gob.es/web/servicios/extranjeria/extranjeria_ddgg.html- The official Foreigner Identity Card application form (EX–17) available from:- The receipt for payment of the Card Fee, for15.45 Euros.- Three recent, colour, passport photographs taken against a white background. 
  • The conceded Permit will be valid for one year and, on the termination thereof, it will be possible to apply for either a Residence Permit or a Residence and Work Permit.
  • - Accreditation of their registration with the Social Security.
  • http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/ModelosSolicitudes/Mod_solicitudes2/
  • During fingerprinting applicants, as proof of their identity, will have to show their passport, travel document or registration certificate, and must also provide:
  • Within one month, following notification of the concession of the Exceptional Circumstances Residence Permit, the applicant will have to apply, in person, for their Foreigner Identity Card from the Immigration Office or the Central Police Station of the province in which the Permit has been processed. Consult the following page for information on where to go, opening hours and whether or not it will be necessary to make a prior appointment:
  • Within the term of one month, following notification of the concession of the Temporary Exceptional Residence Permit, should such be the case, the applicant will have to sign up for and/or register with the Social Security, with the same company indicated in the work contractthat appears in the file. The Permit will come into force as soon as this condition has been met.
  • If the electronic notification has been opted for, or in those cases where this means of notification is required by the regulations, then resolution will be notified by means of publication in the electronic office. Should the said resolution not be accessed within 10 working days, following publication, it will be assumed that notification has taken place).
  • - Time Limit for reaching a Decision: Three months, taken from the day following the date of entry to the registry of the competent body for processing. Should this term elapse without the receipt of notification from the Administration the application may be understood as rejected on the basis of negative administrative silence.(When notification of the decision has not been possible, this will be announced on the TEU (Tablón Edictal Único– online Bulletin Board):
  • Printouts for payment of fees can be downloaded from the following page: