Numéro d'identité d'étranger

Foreigner Identity Number

This is a case of granting an Identity Number to foreign nationals for purposes of identification.


- Persons who are not in an irregular situation in Spain.

- That the application has been submitted on the basis of the economic, professional and social interests of the foreign national.

- That the application indicates the reasons why the person is applying for assignation of this Number.

Required Documentation:

PMF Advocats will provide you with an updated list of the documents that you will have to present. You can acquire this list by calling 972 22 04 75 or by sending an email to:


- Legal standing for submission of the application: the foreign national, in person, or his/her representative.

- Place of submission:

      • In Spain: directly at the Directorate General of the Police and the Civil Guard or at the Immigration Office or the Central Police Station for the province in which you have your domicile.
      • From abroad: at the Spanish Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office corresponding to your residence, and addressed to the General Office for Foreign Nationals and Borders.
      • - Fee for the Assignation of a Foreign National’s Identity (N.I.E. -Número de Identidad de Extranjero), payment must be made prior to the resolution of the procedure:
      • Form 012 “Assignation of Foreign National’s Identity Number (NIE) at the request of the Interested Party”.................................................9.45 Euros 
      • - Time Limit for reaching a Decision on the Application: five days following arrival of the application at the registry of the competent body for processing.